Friday, May 8, 2009

Ma's Post

hi this is ma.....I'd like to thank everyone who made it possible for us to journey to Nola & Memphis a good time was had by all. You often hear about the negative things our youth are doing but praise God we have a great fun & loving group. There is still a lot of work to be done in Nola & we touched only a portion of it (which is ok). we painted a house , everyone thought they were Picasso (right). Tipp gave us painting instructions and oh boy did we work. first we caulked then tapped wall to ceiling or ceiling to wall (whatever comes first ) and then we didn't hear this from me but we have a group of painters for hire. Another work load was helping Ms Eva straighten up her trailer.We went to Congo Sq. where Fr. Oscar gave us a deep historical account of what Congo Sq. was about and what it meant to him. I could go on forever because this was a great tour, but i'd like to give some love to Cheryl, Ms Monuique & Ms Shannon for giving love back. We Love You! On to Memphis.......we met up with Fr. Tony (thank you) we renewed freindship with Bishop Steib (thank you for our tour) next we met Fr. Maurice Nutt (revival is going to be on this year) FR. took us to pray at the grave of Sister Thea (the spirit moved us) we were actually kicked out of the cemetry (closing time) to the Memphis family thank you for that warm reception & good food (I thought I cooked ribs M-M-M) and thank you Fr. Oscar for the thought of this journey. Thank you Tipp for all the hard work you've done......Thanks to all of the St.Katharine Youth Group for your hard work & support, we just couldn't do it without you!!!!

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