Sunday, April 18, 2010

continuing the tradition

so i decided i might as well continue the tradition of posting something at one in the morning on the day we leave. ma made some delicious pizzas for us all. a couple people (ben, ma) are sleeping right now. tipp just got back from a trip to the store to buy hot cocoa and a few other essentials (a trip that mysteriously took over an hour). we have a later flight this year, so we're not heading to the airport until around 6. we're flying into memphis with a stop in detroit, and then driving down to new orleans - we'll try to keep you updated as we travel.

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  1. 7:11 am

    Just back from the airport after dropping everyone off. When I got to the parish center at 5:00 am, everyone was up and moving, packing their bags, eating breakfast, and in good spirits.

    Luke Hill