Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Travel To New Orleans

We arrived in Memphis without any issue. We dropped out air mattresses and sleeping bags at St. Joseph's (where we will be staying next week) and got a chance to see Fr. Tony, the pastor.

Then the devil tried to get busy, we were prayed up. While in Memphis, we noticed that our car did have a spare tire; therefore we had to drive back to the airport. Upon our arrival at the airport we learned that there were no other suburbans that we could trade our vehicle in for. Then, just as we were getting read to head south, Ma realized that she didn't have her purse. We went back to St. Joseph's where she had left it and picked it up. Then we were starving so we stopped at Popeye's for some real southern friend chicken and biscuits. By the time we got on the highway, it was 4:30. Then we drove for 7 hours with just on stop in Jackson to buy drinks and use the restroom.

We finally got to New Orleans at 11:30, where Sr. Geneva was there to welcome us and show us our rooms. Tipp got the priest's suite which features a fridge, microwave, couch, double bed, flatscreen TV, and the biggest remote I have ever seen.

My room features this television that receives 13 different types of static and snow.

The beds are comfy, and the food good, so we are very pleased with our housing.

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