Monday, April 26, 2010

Sister Thea Bowman...

We visited Sr. Thea's graveside this morning. Thank you Fr. Maurice Nutt for your time and prayer!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Saturday and Sunday

Well we did not have a good wireless signal for the past couple of days however... we made it safely to Memphis despite the severe weather . We visited the Civil Rights Museum on Saturday and took in a little time @ Beale Street. Sunday morning we went to Fr. Maurice Nutt's Parish and worshipped with the congregation which included Mrs. Coleman (David Coleman from the group Confirmation mother) and two other ladies who moved to this area from Boston. Later we visited the the Staxx Museum and are now getting ready to cook out. TTYL...Tipp

Friday, April 23, 2010


Some people say they never never see the pictures I, ha ha

Sisters of The Holy Family

What a time we had fellowshipping, praying, talking and eating with the Sisters of the Holy Family. They have been soooo good to us in so many ways. The hospitality has been top notch!
We went to a Mass on Thursday with the lower grades of St. Mary's Academy. The kids did an great job! The Mass was very uplifting!!!
We also viewed a DVD about New Orleans and it contained some pictures I have never seen before of how the storms affected the lives of so many. Everyone who lived in New Orleans at the time of the storms has been traumatized in one way or another. My prayer is that God sends a mighty healing on the people and the city. Our help and prayer is still needed.
Fr. Anthony Boezman took time out of his busy schedule to visit with us last night.
To the youth group... WE ARE VERY VERY PROUD OF YOU!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Obi Igwe's Post


So far my stay in New Orleans has been a BLAST. New Orleans looks the same as last year, no major changes. During dinner, we have a chance to talk with the nuns. Speaking with the nuns, gave different perspectives on the hurricane. I learned, everyone here has a story to tell, but not everyone's story is heard. Our mission here is to hear someone's story and change their life. Our mission here is not to rebuild the city itself; however, our mission here is to change a life. If I had the power to rebuild the entire city of New Orelans, I would definitly do it.

This year, we worked at St. Mary's Academy. Our work varied this year. We did some cafeteria work and some spray painting (No we did not vandilize any property). In the cafeteria, we helped prepare lunch for the students and we helped clean the cafeteria after lunch. St. Mary's Academy was demolished from Hurrican Katrina so St. Mary's Academy is located on trailor houses until the new school is built. We spray painted various areas on the ground where it was unsafe to walk. We also got a chance to speak to St. Mary's Academy students during lunch. I enjoyed talking to the students, even though I forgot most of their names. But, these students need our help. The city of New Orleans can not be rebuilt without our help. Lastly, yesterday, we visited the St. Peter Claver youth group for fellowship. Thats where I experienced southern hospitality. People were friendly and glad to see us worship with them. You know a fellowship ain't right without some nice New Orleans food at the end!

We heading to Memphis tomorrow morning so keep us in your prayers as we head there.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Travel To New Orleans

We arrived in Memphis without any issue. We dropped out air mattresses and sleeping bags at St. Joseph's (where we will be staying next week) and got a chance to see Fr. Tony, the pastor.

Then the devil tried to get busy, we were prayed up. While in Memphis, we noticed that our car did have a spare tire; therefore we had to drive back to the airport. Upon our arrival at the airport we learned that there were no other suburbans that we could trade our vehicle in for. Then, just as we were getting read to head south, Ma realized that she didn't have her purse. We went back to St. Joseph's where she had left it and picked it up. Then we were starving so we stopped at Popeye's for some real southern friend chicken and biscuits. By the time we got on the highway, it was 4:30. Then we drove for 7 hours with just on stop in Jackson to buy drinks and use the restroom.

We finally got to New Orleans at 11:30, where Sr. Geneva was there to welcome us and show us our rooms. Tipp got the priest's suite which features a fridge, microwave, couch, double bed, flatscreen TV, and the biggest remote I have ever seen.

My room features this television that receives 13 different types of static and snow.

The beds are comfy, and the food good, so we are very pleased with our housing.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

continuing the tradition

so i decided i might as well continue the tradition of posting something at one in the morning on the day we leave. ma made some delicious pizzas for us all. a couple people (ben, ma) are sleeping right now. tipp just got back from a trip to the store to buy hot cocoa and a few other essentials (a trip that mysteriously took over an hour). we have a later flight this year, so we're not heading to the airport until around 6. we're flying into memphis with a stop in detroit, and then driving down to new orleans - we'll try to keep you updated as we travel.


Hello all,
We will be spending the night at the parish center to begin our mission trip this year. Wow a year has gone by soooo fast. stay tuned for more info...