Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ben Hill's post: Sisters of the Holy Family

Today we had lunch with the Sisters of the Holy Family. They were a very kind group of women who shared their stories with us. Two of the sisters had met Mother Katharine when they were young. One of them (who will be celebrating her 75th jubilee this June) was blessed personally by Mother Katharine herself. It was a strong example of how close Mother Katharine is to our church. They were all very kind to us and very happy to sit and talk with us. They told us to come back again any time we want.

After we left the Sisters, we packed up the vans, bought turkey necks, and hit the road. Tipp missed the turn about 15 minutes into the drive, so his van had to drive all the way back to New Orleans to turn around. They finally caught up in Jackson, Mississippi. We ate supper at the Waffle House...good food. Now we are leaving the Waffle House to complete our journey to Memphis.


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