Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Eve of Our Trip

Well, technically, it's no longer the eve of our trip, because it's 1:45 a.m. We've been hanging out together at the parish center since nine. Tipp and Ma are the only ones who've slept, although Tipp is now awake.
Earlier in the evening we watched part of the documentary When The Levees Broke, which is about Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath. It really helped to put into perspective the work we will be doing and understand how much people lost.
We as a youth group wanted to show Tipp and Ma how much we appreciate everything they do for us, which is a lot. In preparation for our last fish fry, Ben and I went shopping for supplies with Ma, and we all played a more active role in the kitchen than we had with previous dinner sales. It made us realize how much work they do for us that we don't know about. So we surprised them both with thank-you cards and gifts.
These are some pictures from church today and our sleepover tonight.

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  1. Two hours after this post, I arrived at the parish center to drive the group to the airport. Everyone was up and dressed, moving around, packing the last few items into their bags, fixing hot cocoa, eating bagels and fruit, while Kirk Franklin's "Declaration - This Is It!" played on one of the computers. I wouldn't say it was a well-rested group, but they did look fired up and ready to go!