Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Obi Igwe's post

Hi this is Obi coming through to you live from New Orleans; a beautiful, and a wonderful city. Today we painted the walls of a house that was just built. The house is owned by a choir director from the St. Gabriel Church in New Orleans. Throughout my few days here, I felt happy serving the people of New Orleans because I noticed that the people we helped out had a story to tell about the conflict they encountered with Hurricane Katrina. I personally feel overwelmed in helping out. Throughout this service trip I learned that there are certain things in this world that we take for granted and we have to learn how to take adantgae of these certain things because tomorrow is never promised.

After working, we went to Popeyes and I had a Popeyes experience. Due to my lack of knowledge regarding the food they serve there, I thought Popeyes served pizzas and burgers, however they served good tasting fried chicken so when I told Tipp I wanted a burgers and pizzas from Popeyes, Tipp started laughing and gave me a what the h__ you talking about look. Well I got to go we have mass in the morning then we have toto finish painting the house.

P.S. Mike wishes everyone back home a very happy Earth Day!

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  1. Obi, now that you have had the Popeye's experience you might be disappointed to know they were going to open a Popeye's right across the street from St. Katharine's - but something happened and it never opened. You'll have to go back to N.O. for more of that good tasting chicken!