Thursday, April 23, 2009

Nora Hill's post

On Tuesday morning, while the boys were working at Saint Gabriel, Renee, Chiette, Ma, and I went to help a woman living near Corpus Christi who is in the process of moving from her FEMA trailer back into her house. Seeing Miss Eva's trailer was an eye-opening experience. The entire trailer was smaller than the Saint Katharine's kitchen. There was barely any room to move around. She has been living in that trailer for two years. Our visit to the Ninth Ward on Sunday showed me how much damage the storm did, but our visit to Miss Eva's made me realize that it wasn't just the hurricane that hurt - and continues to hurt - people.

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  1. Comparing the trailer to the kitchen at St. K's is a good connection - now every time you are doing a fish fry with Ma you can think about that woman and all the other people from N.O. that you met.